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Welcome to my new site!

Hello –

Thanks for checking out my new site!

We’re working on some of the final touches and will be adding things as we go along. It’s a work in progress. I want to give special thanks to Esha Janssens for her design and Alex Ball for all of the programming and getting this thing live. Two great people I’m lucky to call friends.

I want to thank everyone for an amazing year. My friend Garth Gerhart (who is a cartonnist for Mag Magazine) and I teamed up back in the spring and designed a t-shirt, “In Buck We Trust,” that captured fans’ hope of a new Orioles season and new manager Buck Showalter. The shirt was sold in area sport stores and featured on ESPN Baseball Tonight and the MLB Network.

The summer ended on a high note as a I got to perform for a week at Brad Garrett’s Comedy Club at the Tropicana in Las Vegas. It’s a great club and the peolple who run it are fantastic. And while performing there was amazing and the shows went very well, the thing I will remember the most are all of the friends and family who flew out to Vegas from Baltimore, California… even Florida… to support me. It was a very special week that I was blessed to share with them.

My thanks for the Baltimore Comedy Factory and MaGoobys Comedy Club for all of the opportunites and the chance to work with headliners like Bobcat Goldthwait, Pauly Shore, Chad Daniels and Joey Kola.

And as the year comes to a close, I’m excited to announce my latest project – THE MOST INTERESTING ELF IN THE WORLD. Check out the spook at Garth Gerhart did another fantastic job with the design and out thanks to Tom Rowe for the video.

Looking forward to a great 2012!

Larry Noto

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