Larry Noto: Celebrating Life Since 1976
Larry Noto: No Wife, No Kids, No Wonder


In addition to writing all of his material for stand-up comedy and radio segments, Larry Noto is a writer who has been published in BALTIMORE MAGAZINE and LOYOLA UNIVERSITY MAGAZINE.

NEW!! Announcing Larry’s new book – THE OPENING ACT: Comedy, Life and the Desperate Pursuit of Happiness

The book will be published this holiday season, but you can watch a video, learn more and event support the book by CLICKING HERE

“THE OPENING ACT: Comedy, Life and the Desperate Pursuit of Happiness” is the true story of a comedian you’ve never heard of.

You’ll hear what it’s been like opening for comedy legends such as Brian Regan, Lewis Black, Richard Lewis, Paul Reiser, Bob Saget, Damon Wayans, Louie Anderson, Dom Irrera, Jay Mohr and many others.

Ever since he was a kid, Noto dreamt of being a comedian. He would entertain friends and family with jokes from comedians he saw on TV. He mastered impressions he saw on Saturday Night Live. He made short films, dubbing from VHS to VHS with two VCRs.

And even though he never quit my day job, he’s performed in New York, Las Vegas and California. He’s done TV and radio. He worked with some of his comedy heros.

And that’s what the book is about. It’s about having a dream, getting a taste of it, but always knowing you were never willing to risk what you needed to in order to achieve it.

It’s about finding happiness in what you’ve succeeded and not focusing on what you haven’t or envying others for what they have. It’s discovering your life purpose and basing your succcess on that and not on the judgement of others.

Every show has a beginning, a middle and an end. It has it’s high moments and times of pure joy. It has its moments of utter frustration where it seems like nothing is going to work. As they say, the show must go on. It’s a lot like life.

“THE OPENING ACT’ is being co-authored by KEVIN COWHERD. Kevin was a columnist for The Sun for over 30 years and is a  published author of books with baseball legend Cal Ripken Jr. and the recent biography on business mogul Ed Hale.